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Are you based in Wiltshire, Somerset, Hampshire or Dorset and looking to take part in AMCA motocross events this year?
Upavon MXC welcomes new members!
Upavon MXC is a motocross club affiliated to the AMCA. Its home track is near Upavon in Wiltshire and its members ride most weekends between March and October on tracks predominantly in Wiltshire, Somerset and Gloucestershire. Many of our club members come from further afield, for example Hampshire and Dorset.

If you are interested in joining a friendly motorcross club in this area, email lee.mason@dnoc.co.uk

We don't have regular club nights, typically only meeting in the evening once per year for the AGM. Of course we all get together most Sundays at the actual events.
Club members enter races via an online, web-based entry system. They look at what races are available, and if they wish to take part, simply enter online. It's really easy to use.

This avoids the time and travel needed to attend regular club nights to sign the normal entry sheets.

All we ask of members is that for our home events (typically two or three per year) they must attend track building (usually the Saturday prior to the event) and provide a marshall on the day of the event.


Upavon MXC's track is owned by the AMCA and is situated about 1/2 mile South West of the village of Upavon in Wiltshire.

Click here to view the location of our track on a Google map in a new window. We ride in the AMCA South West Group, with tracks at the following locations:
  • North Wraxall
  • Marshfield
  • Enmore
  • Crowe
  • Yarley
  • Burrington Coombe
  • Upavon
  • Bushton
  • Haresfield
  • Nympsfield
  • Grittenham
  • Spirthill
  • Horsley
  • Farleigh
  • Ford
  • Chelwood
  • Weymouth
Club Rules

  • All adult riders and inter-juniors must attend working parties (normally track building the day before a home meeting) and must arrive and leave at the agreed time.
  • Failure to attend track building and home meetings will result in eviction from Upavon Motocross Club except for reasons that the club officials consider are exceptional.
  • All adult riders and inter-junior parents (father or guardian) must either marshal or provide a marshal for a home club meeting. This duty may extend to all day and will require the individual to assist with dismantling the track after the meeting.
  • If a rider is also the parent of an inter-junior club member, they will count as one member for the purposes of marshalling at home meetings. However both the riding parent and the inter-junior will be expected to attend and assist at working parties.
  • All riders must pay all debts in a timely fashion and will if so required lodge a sum of money to cover entry costs.
  • All members of Upavon Motocross Club are expected to behave in a responsible manner at all AMCA events.
  • All members of Upavon Motocross Club are expected to familiarise themselves with the current AMCA rules and abide by those rules. This includes the rule that there should be no riding in the pits. You are also expected to take home all litter.
  • The decision of the club officials after reasonable debate is binding.
  • Before any new license is issued all outstanding debts must be cleared and a new club joining form completed and the appropriate club joining fee paid.

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Looking to take part in AMCA Motocross in Wiltshire, Somerset, Hampshire or Dorset? Join Upavon Motocross Club.
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